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About the Founder

Cyrus L. Wheeler Founder/Executive Director

Mr. Wheeler, a native of Detroit, founded F.F.T.P. in 2004. He had a vision to assist returning citizens with getting acclimated back into society. His vision has become a reality– F.F.T.P. has become a resource base for those seeking to positively change their future.

F.F.T.P. ( From Felons To Professionals ) program is a unique mentorship/motivational program totally committed to the total rehabilitation of returning citizens, that will provide comprehensive skills development, socialization elements, as well as career counseling to the program participants.

F.F.T.P. has implemented a program that will address the needs in the communities throughout our entire city to provide program participants with positive life-changing strategies designed to assist them in bettering their life style.  Our candidates are the challenged minorities and low-income citizens.

The F.F.T.P. program is taught in a classroom-setting format. The curriculum is a holistic approach to assist the participants on an individual basis according to their individual needs with the re-entry process, whether they are returning citizens, as well as returning citizens with either substance abuse issues, mental illness or both back into the greater society with practical work ethics and leadership skills.

Hence F.F.T.P. has built partnerships and developed a greater capacity to seamless programs to respond to this effort.